Podusthunna Poddumeeda Lyrics| Jai Bholo Telangana

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Introduction (English):“Podusthunna Poddumeeda” is an inspiring song from the movie “Jai Bholo Telangana,” featuring the heartfelt voice of Gaddar. The lyrics and music for the song are thoughtfully crafted by Gaddar, and the stirring composition is set to the tunes of Chakri. Introduction (Telugu):“పొడుస్తున్న పొద్దుమీద” ఒక ఆకర్షక పాటు, “జై భోలో తెలంగాణ” చిత్రం లో గద్దర్ యొక్క … Read more

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Introduction (English):“Challani Rathiri Vennello” is an enchanting track from the movie “20 – 20 Love Story,” portraying the mesmerizing voice of G Rajesh. The lyrics and music for the song are skillfully composed by G Rajesh, creating an evocative and captivating melody. Introduction (Telugu):“చల్లని రాతిరి వెన్నెల్లో” ఒక అంతరాళం పాటు, “20 – 20 లవ్ స్టోరీ” చిత్రం … Read more

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Introduction (English):“Preminche Premava” is a soulful composition from the film “Nuvvu Nenu Prema,” beautifully showcasing the heartfelt performances of Suriya and Bhoomika. The song, enriched by the melodious vocals of Shreya Ghoshal and Naresh Iyer, features touching lyrics penned by Veturi Sundararama Murthy. The music, composed by the legendary A R Rahman, adds a harmonious … Read more