Pranam Vadiley Lyrics. ❤️Best of Trend Maarina Friend Maaradu

English Introduction: “Pranam Vadiley Lyrics” is a song from the movie “Trend Maarina Friend Maaradu.” The song is sung by Kalabhairava, with lyrics written by Chandra S Chandra. The music for this song was composed by Shravan Bharadwaj. The song features Indhra and Deepu Janu.

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Telugu Introduction: “ప్రణం వదిలే సాహిత్యం” సినిమా “ట్రెండ్ మారినా ఫ్రెండ్ మారదు” నుంచి ఒక పాట. ఈ పాటను ‘కాలాభైరవ’ పాడడం కానున్నారు, సాహిత్యం ‘చంద్ర ఎస్ చంద్ర’ అని పంచుకుందారు. ఈ పాటకు సంగీతం ‘శ్రవణ్ భరద్వాజ్’ ద్వారా రచించబడింది. ఈ పాటలో ఇంధ్రా మరియు దీపు జాను నటిస్తారు.

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Song NamePranam Vadiley Badhe neekunte
Movie NameTrend Maarina Friend Maaradu
LyricistChandra S Chandra
Music DirectorShravan Bharadwaj
Star CastIndhra, Deepu Janu, Komal Nair, Kunal Sharma
DirectorLakshman Jella
Director of Photography (DOP)Rahul Machineni

Pranam Vadiley Song Lyrics in English

Pranam Vadhiley,
Badhe Neekunte,
Sneham Guruthe Raadhaa,

Chave Choose,
Dhairyam Needhaithe,
Bandham Bhayame Ledha.

Kadavaraku Vuntananna Snehama,
Kattello Kalipoyave Ela,
Gundelani Pindese,
Badhalani Chithimantai,
Bhaadhalane Panchukune,
Snehanni Kalchesavura.


Maa Snehithudinka,
Mamu Ontarigaa,

Kanneellaku Guruthey,
Neevu Raaneraavani.

Ee Gundeni Rayiga,
Ye Bandhalu,
Maakika Lenelevani.


Pranam Vadhiley
Badhe Neekunte,
Sneham Guruthe Raadhaa.

Chave Chuse
Dhairyam Needhaithe,
Bandham Bhayame Leda.

Ee Bhaadhalu
Ee Kanneelle,
Ika Snehale.

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Pranam Vadiley Song Lyrics in Telugu

ప్రణమ్ వదిలే,
బదే నీకుంటే,
స్నేహం గురుతే రాధా,

చవే చూసే,
ధైర్యం నీదయ్యే,
బంధం భయం లేదా.

కదవరకు ఉంటానన్న స్నేహమ,
కట్టెలో కలిపోయవే ఎలా,
గుందెలని పిండేసే,
బదలని చితిమంతాయే,
భాదలనే పంచుకునే,
స్నేహన్ని కల్చేసవురా.

మా స్నేహితుడింక,
మము ఒంటరిగా,

కన్నీల్లకు గురుతే,
నీవు రానెరావని.

ఈ గుందేని రాయిగ,
ఏ బంధలు,
మాకిక లేనేలేవని.


ప్రణమ్ వదిలే,
బదే నీకుంటే,
స్నేహం గురుతే రాధా.

చవే చూసే
ధైర్యం నీదయ్యే,
బంధం భయం లేదా.

ఈ భాదలు
ఈ కన్నీలే,
ఇక స్నేహలే.

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Pranam Vadiley Song Lyrics Summary

In a quaint, bustling town, a nondescript street performer set up his guitar and a makeshift stage. The artist was known as the “Silent Serenader.” His songs were never elaborate, but they possessed a rare ability to stir hearts and minds. He began to strum a melodious tune and sang the song composed by an anonymous poet.

As the first notes filled the air, a hush descended upon the crowd. The lyrics spoke of a love so profound that it transcended mere words. With each line, the audience felt their hearts resonate with the emotions woven into the song.

A young couple in the crowd locked eyes, understanding that their love, like the song’s lyrics, required no spoken affirmations. Their connection was built on trust and resilience, a bond that no superficial aspects could break.

The Silent Serenader’s gentle melody continued, describing love as a force that resided within, inseparable from the self. The onlookers couldn’t help but think of their own hidden pains and concealed emotions, the struggles they’d faced in the name of love.

The performer sang of the power of understanding, of communicating without words, as a soft smile passed between the elderly couple in the front row, a testament to their enduring connection.

The song moved to the importance of eye contact, evoking a deep longing and anticipation, making lovers gaze into each other’s souls with newfound intensity.

As the melody reached its crescendo, it carried a message of love’s transformative nature, the ability to mend broken hearts and turn pain into strength. A young girl clutched her mother’s hand, knowing that their bond had seen them through the toughest of times.

The song concluded with a profound refrain, echoing the essence of love – its depth, its silent struggles, its ability to heal, and its lasting power. The Silent Serenader finished his performance to thunderous applause, leaving the crowd with hearts full of love, for they had witnessed the beauty of unspoken emotions, all conveyed through the magic of music.

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