Noonugu Meesala Lyrics❤️. Best of Chor Bazaar

Noonugu Meesala Lyrics

English Introduction: “Noonugu Meesala Lyrics” is a song from the movie “Chor Bazaar.” The song is sung by Lakshmi Meghana, with lyrics written by Kasarla Shyam. The music for this song was composed by Suresh Bobbili. The song features Akash Puri and Gehnna Sippyy. Telugu Introduction: “నూనుగు మీసల సాహిత్యం” సినిమా “చోర్ బజార్.” ఈ పాటను ‘లక్ష్మి … Read more

Oho Putthadi Bomma Song Lyrics❤️| Sid Sriram Full Song

Oho Putthadi Bomma

Introduction (English): “Oho Putthadi Bomma Lyrics From the Movie Thikamaka Thaanda” is a captivating song performed by Sid Sriram. The lyrics for this song were penned by Purna Chary, and the music was expertly composed by Suresh Bobbili. The song features Ramakrishna and Annie Zibi as the lead actors. Introduction (Telugu): “థికమాకా థాండా చిత్రం నుండి … Read more

Rangamma Song Lyrics❤️| Chaitanya,Lavanya | Prince Henry | Yash R

Rangamma song lyrics

Introduction (English): “Rangamma” is a captivating track from the movie “Annapoorna Photo Studio.” The soulful rendition by SPB Charan and the poetic artistry of Srinivasa Mouli’s lyrics bring this song to life. The musical composition by Prince Henry adds to its allure. The presence of talented actors like Chaitanya Rao Madadi and Lavanya Sahukara in … Read more