Aata Kaavala Song Lyrics❤️. Best of Annayya

Aata Kaavala Song lyrics

English Introduction: “Aata Kaavala” is a song from the movie “Annayya.” It is sung by Sukhwinder Singh and Radikaa Sarathkumar, with lyrics written by Bhuvanachandra, and the music composed by Mani Sharma. The song features Chiranjeevi and Simran. Telugu Introduction: ‘ఆట కావాల’ పాట సినిమా ‘అన్నయ్య’ నుండి. ఈ పాటను ‘సుఖ్విందర్ సింగ్’ మరియు ‘రాదికా సరత్కుమార్’ పాడడం కానుంది, … Read more

Ninna Kuttesinaadi Song Lyrics❤️| Narasimha Naidu

Ninna Kuttesinaadi Song Lyrics

Introduction (English): “Ninna Kutesinaddhi” is a captivating song from the movie “Narasimha Naidu,” sung by Hariharan and Kavita Krishnamurthy. The lyrics, penned by Bhuvanachandra, beautifully depict a range of emotions. With the melodious music composed by Mani Sharma, the song blends seamlessly with the performances of Balakrishna and Simran. Introduction (Telugu): “నిన్న కుటేసినద్ది” సినిమా “నరసింహ … Read more

Chilaka Pacha Koka Song Lyrics❤️| Balakrishna, Simran

Chilakapachakoka song lyrics

Introduction (English): “Chilaka Pacha Koka” is a captivating song featured in the film “Narasimha Naidu.” The melodious voices of Mano and Radhika infuse vitality into this song. The lyrics, thoughtfully penned by Bhuvanachandra, are brimming with emotion. The musical composition by Mani Sharma adds depth to the song’s sentiment. Notably, the song gains significance due … Read more