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Introduction (English): “Vekuvalone Maarelaa Lyrics” is a delightful song from the movie “Mukha Chitram.” The song is sung by Chinmayi Sripada, with lyrics penned by Kittu Vissapragada, and the music composed by Kaala Bhairava. This song features Vikas Vasista and Priya Vadlamani.

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Introduction (Telugu): “వేకువలోనే మారేలా సాహిత్యం” సినిమా “ముఖ చిత్రం” నుండి వచ్చింది. ఈ పాటను ‘చిన్మయి శ్రీపాద’ పాడారు, సాహిత్యం ‘కిట్టు విశాప్రగడ’ ద్వారా రచించబడింది, సంగీతం కాల భైరవ ద్వారా రచించబడింది. ఈ పాటకు వికాస్ వాసిస్త మరియు ప్రియా వద్లమణి నటిస్తారు.

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Song NameVekuvalone Maarelaa
AlbumMukha Chitram
LyricistKittu Vissapragada
SingerManisha Eerabathini
MusicKaala Bhairava
CastVikas Vasista, Priya Vadlamani
Music LabelAditya Music

Vekuvalone Maarelaa Song Lyrics in English

Vekuvathone maarelaa,
Lekhaga nene raaselaa,
Maayam kaadha ee vela,
Neeloni dhigulanthaa.

Nee kalalaa ney maragaa,
Nee dharike ney cheraaga,
Naa korake nee kangaare
Kannullo choosaaley,

Neti addhamlo chandhamaamalle,
Punnami cheri roopu maarenu.


Ontari megham karigelaa,
Jantaga cheri varshamlaa
Reppala chaatu swapnamlaa,
Repati aashe cherenaa,

Pandugala tholi sandhadilaa
Anukunnadhi ayyelaa.

Chempanu jaare kanneraa,
Gonthuni dhaage kangaare,
Ninnatiloni gaaraale,
Kaare cheri maarele.

Vekuvalone Maarelaa Song Lyrics in Telugu

వెకువతోనే మారెలా,
లేఖగా నేనే రాసేలా,
మాయం కాదా ఈ వేల,
నీలోని ధిగులంతా.

నీ కలలా నేయ్ మరగా,
నీ ధరికే నేయ్ చేరాగా,
నా కోరకే నీ కంగారే
కన్నుల్లో చూసాలే,

నేతి అద్దములో చంధమామల్లే,
పున్నమి చేరి రూపు మారేను.

ఒంటరి మేఘం కరిగేలా,
జంతగ చేరి వర్షంలా
రెపటి ఆశే చేరేనా,

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పండుగల తోలి సంధదిలా
అనుకున్నది అయ్యేలా.

చెంపను జారే కన్నేరా,
గొంతుని ధాగే కంగారే,
నిన్నటిలోని గారాలే,
కారే చేరి మారేలే.

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A Detailed Discussion on Vekuvalone Maarelaa Lyrics

“Vekuvathone Maarelaa” echoed through the dimly lit room, filling the air with its haunting melody. As the song played, it carried its listeners on a journey through the intricacies of love and life, much like the lyrics themselves.

Sitting alone by the window, Sarah closed her eyes and let the music wash over her. The opening lines, “With a magical touch, you wrote on me,” resonated deeply with her. It was as though the song knew her heart’s secrets, the love she had once held so dear, now a distant memory.

The verses unfolded, each word painting a picture of love’s enigmatic nature. The mysteries of love, like the night sky, left her captivated and lost in thought. She remembered the moments when love had transformed her, when she had been both the traveler and the destination.

The line “kannullo choosaaley” brought tears to her eyes. She remembered the way he used to look at her, as if their souls communicated through their gaze alone.

As the song continued, Sarah couldn’t help but reflect on the fragility of dreams and the bittersweet nostalgia of a love that once was. The final question, “Are you the one who flew away like a bird?” lingered in the room, a question she had often asked herself.

When the music finally faded, Sarah opened her eyes, her heart heavy with emotions. “Vekuvathone Maarelaa” had taken her on a profound journey through love’s complexities, leaving her with a sense of both beauty and melancholy, a reminder that love, like the song itself, could transcend time and language, resonating deep within her soul.

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