Yendhi Ra Life Idhi Lyrics. ❤️Best of Ori Devuda

Introduction (English): “Yendhi Ra Life Idhi Lyrics” is a song from the movie “Ori Devuda.” This song is sung by Deepak, with lyrics written by Kittu, and the music composed by Leon James. The song features Vishwak Sen and Mithila Palkar.

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Introduction (Telugu): “ఎందీ రా లైఫ్ ఇది సాహిత్యం” సినిమా “ఒరి దేవుడ” నుండి వచ్చింది. ఈ పాటను ‘దీపక్’ అద్భుతమైనగా పాడడం కానున్నారు, సాహిత్యం ‘కిట్టు’ అని పంచుకుందారు. ఈ పాటకు సంగీతం ‘లియన్ జేమ్స్’ ద్వారా రచించబడింది. ఈ పాటలో విష్వక్ సేన్ మరియు మిథిల పాల్కార్ నటిస్తారు.

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Song NameYendhi Ra Life Idhi
MusicLeon James
LyricsRamajogayya Sastry
MovieOri Devuda
StarringVenkatesh Dagubatti, Vishwak Sen, Mithila, Asha
ProducersPearl V Potluri, Param V Potluri

Yendhi Ra Life Idhi Lyrics in English

Adhrustam U-turn,
Kottindhi Boss’u
Kallu Moosaaka,

Routine Life Vocchi,
Dull Ayye Face’u
Bed’u Dhigaaka.

Toilet Seat Alle,
Maarindhi Life’u
Duty Ekkaaka.


Dhaari Thappi
Pelli Vallo Paddaaka,
Luck Laagi Thannindhiga!
Chikkulenno Tecchindhiga,
Break Padda Truck Ayipoye,

Yendhi Ra Life Idhi,
Yendhi Ra Life Idhi,
Thikka Puttina,
Paiki Cheppaga,
Veelu Ledhoi Idhi.

Raadhu Ra Life Idhi,
Raadhu Ra Life Idhi,
Centimeter Ye,
Bandi Those Dhaaredhi.

Yendhi Ra Life Idhi Lyrics in Telugu

అదృష్టం యూ-టర్న్,
కొట్టింది బాసు
కళ్ళు మూసాక,
రూటీన్ లైఫ్ వొచ్చి,
డల్ అయ్యే ఫేసు
బెడు దిగాక.

టాయలెట్ సీట్ అల్లే,
మారింది లైఫ్
డ్యూటీ ఎక్కాక.

ధారి తప్పి
పెళ్ళి వల్లో పడ్డాక,
లక్ లాగి తన్నిందిగ!

చిక్కులెన్నో తెచ్చిందిగ,
బ్రేక్ పడ్డ ట్రక్ ఆయిపోయే,

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ఏంది రా లైఫ్ ఇది,
ఏంది రా లైఫ్ ఇది,
తిక్క పుట్టిన,
పైకి చెప్పగ,
వేలు లేదోయి ఇది.

రాదు రా లైఫ్ ఇది,
రాదు రా లైఫ్ ఇది,
సెంటీమీటర్ ఏ,
బంది తోసే దారేది.

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A Brief Discussion on Yendhi Ra Life Idhi Lyrics

Life is a journey filled with unexpected twists and turns, often steering us in directions we never anticipated. The Telugu lyrics from the song “Adhrustam U-turn Kottindhi Boss’u” by an artist vividly capture the essence of life’s unpredictable nature.

The lyrics open with the phrase “Adhrustam U-turn Kottindhi Boss’u,” which can be translated to “Fate took a sudden U-turn, my friend.” This line conveys the notion that life can change in the blink of an eye, throwing us off course when we least expect it. The word “Boss’u” suggests that fate is the ultimate authority, and we are merely passengers on this unpredictable journey.

“Kallu Moosaaka” follows, symbolizing how we often become blind to the impending changes in our lives. We become so accustomed to our routine that we fail to notice the signs of transformation approaching.

The lyrics then express the idea of a “Routine Life Vocchi, Dull Ayye Face’u, Bed’u Dhigaaka,” highlighting how the monotony of daily life can dull our spirits and lull us into complacency. We often follow the same patterns, unaware that life is slipping away.

The mention of a “Toilet Seat” further symbolizes the mundane aspects of life, suggesting that even the most ordinary moments can define our existence. “Maarindhi Life’u, Duty Ekkaaka” indicates that life changes when we least expect it, and our responsibilities may shift abruptly.

The lyrics take an unexpected turn with “Dhaari Thappi, Pelli Vallo Paddaaka,” underscoring that life can be full of mistakes and unforeseen twists. Relationships may end abruptly, and dreams may shatter, leaving us bewildered.

“Chikkulenno Tecchindhiga” illustrates how luck plays a significant role in our lives. Sometimes, fortune smiles upon us, and we receive unexpected blessings or opportunities, while at other times, life throws challenges our way.

“Break Padda Truck Ayipoye Jeevitham” serves as a powerful metaphor for life itself. Just as a truck can break down when we least expect it, life can present us with unforeseen obstacles and hardships.

The chorus, “Yendhi Ra Life Idhi” reflects the uncertainty of life. It suggests that we may never know what life holds for us, and trying to predict the future is futile.

“Raadhu Ra Life Idhi” emphasizes that life doesn’t adhere to a straight path. It can take sudden, unexpected turns, and we must be prepared to adapt.

In summary, the lyrics from “Adhrustam U-turn Kottindhi Boss’u” encapsulate the unpredictability of life and its capacity to take us on unforeseen journeys. They remind us to embrace the twists and turns that come our way, for it is in those moments that we truly experience the essence of life. Life is a rollercoaster of ups and downs, and it’s in the midst of these twists that we find our purpose and growth.

So, as we navigate life’s U-turns and unforeseen paths, let us remember that each moment is a precious gift, and the unexpected is what makes our journey truly remarkable.

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