Maaraajayya Song Lyrics❤️– SIR | Dhanush, Samyuktha

Introduction (English): “Maaraajayya Song Lyrics” is a captivating track from the movie “SIR.” The song is enchantingly sung by Kaala Bhairava and features lyrics penned by Ramajogayya Sastry. The musical composition, skillfully crafted by GV Prakash Kumar, adds depth and charm to the song. The presence of talented actor Dhanush and Samyuktha Menon in the cast elevates the significance of this musical piece.

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Introduction (Telugu): “మారాజయ్య పాట సాహిత్యం” చిత్రం “సర్.” ఈ పాటను ‘కాలా భైరవ’ గారు అందంగా పాడారు, సాహిత్యం ‘రామజోగయ్య శాస్త్రి’ ద్వారా రచించబడింది. పాటకు జీవనం ఇవ్వడంతో జరుపుకొన్న సంగీత సంఘటన, జివి ప్రకాష్ కుమార్ ద్వారా రచించబడింది. నటులు ధనుష్ మరియు సమ్యుక్త మేనన్ గారు ఈ చిత్రంలో ఉన్నట్టుగా ఈ సంగీత పాటకు ప్రాముఖ్యతను పెంచే విధంగా ఉంది.

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Track NameMaaraajayya
VocalsKaala Bhairava
SongwriterRamajogayya Sastry
MusicGV Prakash Kumar
CastDhanush, Samyuktha Menon

Maaraajayya Song Lyrics in English

Manninchayya thappu manninchayya
Manchollake anni kashtaalayya
Velliraayya selavani
Antaandhi kanta thadi
Undaleka neeyambade
Vasthaandhi gunde sadi

Gurudevudikaa inthati shokam
Velivesinadhaa paapapu lokam

Maaraajayya maaraajayya
Maaraajayya oo…
Maa raathalu nee chetitho


Ettaagayya ettaagayya
Ettaagayya oo…
Ye dhaarigaa ee shunyamu
Dhaatalayya o…

Moghanannadhika badi ghanta
Nuvvu lenidhe…
Saaganannadhe paatam
Nee jaada lenidhe…
Nuvvu raani taragathi gadhike
Nuvvu gaani velugedhaina
Unnaa lenidhe…

Maaraajayya Song Lyrics in Telugu

మన్నించయ్య తప్పు మన్నించయ్య
మంచొల్లకే అన్ని కష్టాలయ్య
వెల్లిరాయ్య సేలవని
అంతాంది కంట థడి
ఉండలేక నీయమ్బదే
వస్తాంది గుందే సడి

గురుదేవుదికా ఇంతటి శోకం
వెలివేసినధా పాపపు లోకం

మారజయ్య మారజయ్య
మారజయ్య ఓ…
మా రాతలు నీ చేతితో

ఎట్టాగయ్య ఎట్టాగయ్య
ఎట్టాగయ్య ఓ…
ఏ ధారిగా ఈ శూన్యము
ధాటలయ్య ఓ…

మోఘనన్నదిక బడి ఘంట
నువ్వు లేనిదే…
సాగనన్నదే పాటం
నీ జాడ లేనిదే…
నువ్వు రాని తరగతి గధికే
నువ్వు గాని వెలుగేదైన
ఉన్నా లేనిదే…

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Maaraajayya Song Lyrics Analysis

In a quiet corner of the bustling city, there lived a man named Ravi who had lost his way in the cacophony of life. He toiled day in and day out, weighed down by the burden of his mistakes and the relentless demands of the world. Each day felt like a stormy sea he had to navigate, with no respite in sight.

One evening, as he walked through the crowded streets, he heard a faint melody drifting from an open window. The hauntingly beautiful lyrics of “Manninchayya Thappu Manninchayya” enveloped him like a warm embrace. Those words spoke to him, resonating with the depths of his soul. It was as if the universe had conspired to guide him back to his path.

As he delved into the song’s meaning, he realized that he needed to confront his past, acknowledge his missteps, and learn from them. Like a sturdy ship, he had to weather life’s storms, knowing that resilience would carry him through. Seeking solace in spiritual introspection, he began to find the strength to surrender to fate and let go of attachments.

With each verse, he felt a burden lifting from his shoulders. The refrain of “Maaraajayya maaraajayya” echoed in his heart, reminding him to surrender and find peace within. The idea of detachment in “Ettaagayya ettaagayya” encouraged him to release the grip of materialism and desire.

But it was the final verses that truly transformed Ravi. He realized that his worth was not defined by the judgments of others or the challenges he faced. He carried his intrinsic value within, untouched by external factors.

Ravi’s journey through the song’s lyrics became his own journey through life. He began to embrace his mistakes, confront his fears, seek inner peace, and let go of attachments. With each passing day, he discovered a deeper harmony within himself, a melody of resilience and self-acceptance.

As he walked through the same crowded streets, the world had not changed, but Ravi had. He had rediscovered life’s harmony, and it was a song that would resonate within him forever, guiding him through the ebb and flow of existence.

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